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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Suspicious Characters

There must have been a red alert at Houston Intercontinental this morning. I have never seen so many nervous guards in all my years of traveling to, from or through there.
After traveling all night from Argentina, both Cynthia and I were a bit groggy upon arrival, but soon noticed something was different as we were hustled from one area to the next before going through customs yet one more time.
Soon we arrived to the very loud and firm sounds of "jackets off, shoes off , all jewels in the box, belts off, hurry up, computers out of your cases, speed along."
Such command and authority, I thought to myself as I hurried as fast as I could. Nobody was in line but a bunch of old geezers, myself included and they were patting down every other one. And one really old lady.

Then it was my turn to walk through. Ding, ding, ding!
after patting me Down, that wasn't good enough so I got to experience The big new machine, hands overhead, feet spread, the cylinder closes and right there in front of everyone I got a high tech strip search!
Pretty interesting I must say, but my advice for the day is Get your botox before going through IAH this week!

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