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Monday, February 4, 2013

     Heading back to Mexico with a truckload of much needed supplies has always been easy for me. I so look forward to being on the road again.  It has been a long time coming and I am excited about getting to the farm, greeting  the smiling faces and seeing how much or how little the lavender has grown. We are on the road for two days from Houston to Pozos but even that is okay because the
scenery is spectacular with the mountains and mesas all along the way.
     We have now put out bee boxes in the lavender fields to supplement our small production of fresh
lavender honey, and Cynthia and I, while in the states have taken bee classes. What fun we had in the bee suits, 3 of which are included in our supplies heading south.  I expect the upcoming harvest of
grosso, our best lavender for oil, will be much larger than last year so we are expecting a new bumper crop of bees stealing the nectar from the plants. This new venture with the bees and the honey is
interesting.  Another gift from the bees is their stinger.  I learned last year from a local Shaman that if you hold the bee's wings back and place the stinger directly onto your body part that is in pain, the bee will sting you of course, but he releases a venom that will help arthritis, swollen limbs and other
miscellaneous pains.
     Of course I had to try it on my swollen knee.....OUCH, OUCH. OUCH and DAMN!
But within minutes, I could walk freely and the pain subsided.  Another wonder of the nature
around us.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home on the Range

Ever since Pozos got the Pueblo Magico desigination from the government, business has increased in leaps and bounds, mainly people wanting to stay at the ranch and taste a bit of the old west!
The vegetable garden has been a super hit with the guests as has the eggs from the dozen or so wonderful hens that just keep on giving, big, beautiful and tasty grade A eggs.
Other than that, not much has changed. The Lavender gets prettier and healthier as each season passes. Both female burros are pregnant, which will soon bring us a total of 7 on the ranch.
We have a new barbeque for all to use who choose to spend a few nights with us, so all in all....Life is soooooo Good!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chili cook off in San miguel

All the Lavendar farmers arrived in San Miguel today along wih Nick Hamblin of Galeria 6 inozos to get the booth designed and ready for tomorrows great festivities at the biggest fund raiser of the year. An expected 2500 people from across the country will turn out to taste the best margaritas, chili, and more.
And you can bet your boots there will be a bunch of boot-scooting cow boys and cowgirls all over town for the next few days...YAHOO MEXICO!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now Revolution! in Pozos

It was a happening at Nick Hamblen's Galeria 6 Saturday when scores of people flooded the gallery
to see five San Miguel contemporary artists present their versions of NOW Revolution!

The quality of art in this show is incredible, the energy of the viewers and participants quite the buzz!

It was a wonderful day for Pozos. Every store and tienda was busy. The restaurants were packed. People were eating pastries in the jardin, rather than standing in line at the cafes. The ice cream man was running out of ice cream. All the vendors were selling.

Thank you Nick!
Thank you, Manrey!
And thank you the artists of Now Revolution!

If you haven't seen this exhibit, take the time to go to Pozos and visit Galeria 6. It is so worth the drive. And while you are in Pozos, stop by and visit LavenDar Farms and have some fun with us!

Calling All Chefs

We have signed up to be a sponser for the San Miguel Chili Cook Off, an event in January which brings over 2500 visitors to town to participate in competition for the best margaritas, chilis and more.
All Donations go to charity and it is a wonderful fun event for everyone concerned, so plan to be there.
Mark your calenders for January 29, come early, and stop by our tent!
But in the mean time, we need help. We want to create a great Lavendar-Chili rub for meats and chicken! yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call, write, phone your ideas. We are looking for all the help we can get.
We only have a month or so to get this together with all the holidays in the foreground.
so, call , write or email with your best idea....a free week-end at Lavendar Ranch is yours if we use it!