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Cynthia Buzzard, Executive Producer of American Artist Projects,  was a five-year Pozos resident.  Native to Los Angeles, Cynthia's career began as a journalist and merged into documentary filmmaking for network and cable television, including the long-running NBC program "Unsolved Mysteries". Since 1994 she has been producing and directing independent documentary projects for local distribution and film festivals.
 "Why Pozos?" everyone asks.  "I was looking for the authentic and found the old Mexican West in Pozos.  "Why LavenDar Farms?"  "The blog, website, graphic and product design departments needed to be developed and I was right down the street."

   Dar pulled her first "Diana" camera out of a cereal box and has been shooting photos ever since.  As a photojournalist she worked for hometown weekly newspapers in Pasadena, Texas, and progressed to a United Press International (UPI) photographer assigned to the midwest.  Her love of images stayed with her throughout a 25-year career in the cut flower industry.  Today Dar can rarely be seen without her camera in hand.