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Friday, April 16, 2010

rental homes

If you ever want to join us for a week end, or more, this is one of the homes on the ranch that is typical and has a wonderful lavender field rignt in front with about 800 plants to sooth the sences so you can calm down the minute you drive up. I will probably greet you if the burros don't beat me to it.
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OMG, after a week and a half in the fields, we finally got it hanging in the former tack room, row after row, and WOW what wonderful smells.
Everyone is so excited. What happens next, we shall see.
In the kitchen we are trying all kinds of new recipes, from sugars to jams, scones and cakes and pastries and more. What a great adventure! Everyday is a new day. My mind continues to spin.
Cynthia brought out her grandmother's old Singer sewing machine and who knows what she will make with all this dried lavender. Sachets, sleep masks, computer wrist supports, .... Well, never a dull moment on the farm. And We are always open for suggestions. Dar
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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The lead lavender bunch-maker, Ana of Mineral de Pozos quickly trained her eye for selecting the best florets during the April harvest days.

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big man on campus

Antonio, Jefe de Jefes, Boss of Bosses, is the man we all go to for everything at Las Barrancas and at LavenDar Farms of Pozos. We often call him the Mexican Marlboro Man because of his wild west good looks. He has been the overseer of the first harvest and takes pride in a job well done as well as takes care of the Ranch.
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Earning pesos during Spring break

9-year-old Jessica is the niece of Angel, the ranch gardener, who takes care of the lavender fields on a year-round basis. During her week off at spring break, Jessica volunteered to deadhead the plants for extra pesos. She also ran errands from field to field, took water to the pickers and was our local mascot, always with a bright smile.