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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rain, Wonderful Rain

It rained most of the night and continues to sprinkle this morning,cleaning the dry desert air. It is beginning to get cold at the ranch, the fireplaces are already on. We have been harvesting the english lavender this week. Javier and Antonio have been cutting daily and hanging the bunches to dry. We are trying to get as much cut before winter arrives and slows the growing cycle, something I am so looking forward to. Life on the farm has been much harder than I ever dreamed, especially being from a city of bright lights, and constant entertainment.
Here we talk about chickens, goats, burros, horses and of course LAVENDER, and what it takes to keep it all going. Most of the time I wonder, OMG, what have you done?
And then I look around at the ongoing beauty, the mountains, the soon to be 9000 lavender plants, The arroyos, the animals and the infinity views.
Maybe LavendarFarms was the right decision after all.
Come see for yourself!

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