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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brown Chickens

Who in the world would ever guess that brown chickens would lay brown eggs! It makes perfect sense but something I would never think of, until these ten chickens arrived at the ranch and can you believe they lay more eggs than we can eat, all brown of course, and perfect!

When I told the ranch hands I wanted a chicken coop, they thought I was crazy as most of their chickens are free-range and run wild, but fearing the worst with wild coyotes and such, I demanded a chicken coop.

We hired three men to build it out of stone, brick, morter and tiles and it took more than a month and more money than I would care to admit (even if it is Mexico). The coop, now fondly referred to as the Posada de Pollos, is now available to all guests to collect eggs in the morning for their Eco-Breakfast!

Now, the only problem is the yolks.....they are not very yellow. There must be a learning curve in Farm Life 101 and we have learned that the yolk color is based on the feed, according to our international poultry consultant, who also has a home here in Pozos.

Enough about the hens, come see for yourself and feel free to give us some good Chicken advice.

Oh, the rooster arrives tomorrow! Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!!!!!!!

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