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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stolen Farm Animals

I never understood about stolen farm animals until a few days ago and maybe still don't really understand the concept, but for now it's a good thing, especially for me, and for the ranch.

As you can see the beautiful paint pony below is one heck of a gift to appear magically in the dawn, truly a gift from one heart to another.

A skinny little black ranch dog, starving to death, started hanging out, and we began feeding her. She ate anything and everything, and eventually started herding things our way in gratitude. First a baby goat, then a second one, and then the grand prize, the most beautiful paint pony I have ever seen.

Porkchop, the ranch chihuahua, has now befriended the goats and paint and herded them into the corrals where they will live, all grateful to Betty, who is not so skinny anymore.

P.S. I did eventually buy the paint pony, who turned out to be a plow horse, but no one ever showed up to claim the two goats, even the late afternoon goat herder.

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