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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now Revolution! in Pozos

It was a happening at Nick Hamblen's Galeria 6 Saturday when scores of people flooded the gallery
to see five San Miguel contemporary artists present their versions of NOW Revolution!

The quality of art in this show is incredible, the energy of the viewers and participants quite the buzz!

It was a wonderful day for Pozos. Every store and tienda was busy. The restaurants were packed. People were eating pastries in the jardin, rather than standing in line at the cafes. The ice cream man was running out of ice cream. All the vendors were selling.

Thank you Nick!
Thank you, Manrey!
And thank you the artists of Now Revolution!

If you haven't seen this exhibit, take the time to go to Pozos and visit Galeria 6. It is so worth the drive. And while you are in Pozos, stop by and visit LavenDar Farms and have some fun with us!


  1. thank you so much for the coverage and thank you so much for coming!

  2. anytime sweetheart, thanks for a great show!

  3. Hi LavenDar,
    How wonderful to see your post of the NOW rev. Great photos and sparking words; thank you. May you be on the mend and on your way home by now.