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Sunday, June 13, 2010

lavender fields in Washington

After a 41/2 hour flight from Houston to Seattle and another 2 hour drive up the Olymipic highway, I thought we would never arrive but the trip was so well worth it.
The farmhouse pictured to the right, set in the middle of the largest lavender field in Washington state, was more than welcoming to the four of us tired gringas from the "Motherland". How excited we were to learn from the best in America!
Cynthia and Len prepared dinner the second night we there, after scouting the finest organic markets in the area. The food was incredible and oh so Yummy with the fresh caught Halibut!
The Lavender pictured below is a new variety for us, Spanish Dark eyes, but we now have it on our own farm, thanks to the efforts of Luis Franke, our San Miguel supplier. I couldn't help photographing the bearded iris also in the lavender fields of every field we visited.
BTW...the weather was incredibly oh so COOL! Thank you Washington!

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