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Saturday, May 1, 2010

olives and citrus

I think everyone in town knows Louis Franke. I always call him the Tree man, because he always brings me the best trees in this part of the country, but now I am calling him the Lavender man because of course he is my lavender supplier. As you can see from the photo on the right, he has now talked me into OLIVES!!!!!!
What is a girl to do! Now we have rows of olives to pick. Next week, Louis and his crew will be bringing 2500, (there is no typo here) yes that is 2500 more lavender plants and enough olives to call it an orchard by any girl's standard to Lavendar Farms (like we have nothing else to do these days but plant, hoe and farm!!!!!!
God, I thought I had retired five years ago!
Now we have a new product line of lavender eye masks, silk pillows filled with french and english lavender in several sizes, bulk lavender and other miscellaneous products to sell to anyone with an extra dollar or two, hopefully to help the ladies of Pozos.
Now the ranch has 12 employees and Cynthia and I are the hardest workers of all.
I am heading to Texas on Monday to find a market for these goods that just keep on producing.
Please say a prayer for me and wish me well my friends, or I will be knocking on your door to buy something...
Saludos for now, Dar
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