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Sunday, April 11, 2010

big man on campus

Antonio, Jefe de Jefes, Boss of Bosses, is the man we all go to for everything at Las Barrancas and at LavenDar Farms of Pozos. We often call him the Mexican Marlboro Man because of his wild west good looks. He has been the overseer of the first harvest and takes pride in a job well done as well as takes care of the Ranch.
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  1. Let me tell anyone who would be willing to listen...Antonio makes the Marlboro man look like pee wee herman. He is the most wonderful, kind, protective, strong, sweet soul you could ever encounter. Love HIM!!

  2. Hey Gals,
    This is a pretty darn impressive presentation. I like that picture of Antonio hauling lavendar in a wheelbarrow in front of *my (heehee) casita.
    You've made what was already a gorgeous place simply stunning.